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  • Bart Lipanovich
    Hello, my name is Bart. Prior to yoga, I spent five years of my life in a wheelchair, suffering from a condition that doctors believe was due to high stress levels. My symptoms included severe lack of balance, seizure like activity, concussions, and stuttering. Almost anything requiring small motor skills would send me into a seizure. Near the end of my illness I needed near constant supervision and assistance with almost every daily task. I also suffered a multitude of concussions over the period of my illness due to falls caused by my inability to balance properly.
    One day, about a year and a half ago, I was healed by God. About six months later my daughter invited me to go with her to Bikram Elk Grove Hot Yoga. In my mind I thought I was going to a class filled with young girls that would be contorting like pretzels. Of course once I was there I saw I was wrong. That first day I was there I thought I was in the hell the Bible talks about! Still feeling uncomfortable about my weight and my balance I struggled just to stay in the room. Feeling overwhelmed and almost faint, I vowed I would never come back. But, after being encouraged by Ling (Justine's mom) and my daughter, I returned the next day. Three months later my daughter moved to Texas, but I still kept coming. And now this February will mark my one-year anniversary of coming to BYEG.
    Even prior to my illness I suffered from a bad back and I also have a plastic knee-cap. Since coming to yoga I am amazed that the pain in my back and knee are almost gone. I've lost nearly 60 pounds. I have found balance I never knew I had, as well as, a way to mange stress that helps me everyday. I am always being encouraged to try my best, sometimes even feeling emotionally moved, like the time I was being encouraged by Carrie to do the “Camel”. I find inspiration from each class I take, but I still come early every time to get that spot by the door hoping to catch that small breath of cool air and knowing that I can run out of the room without an instructor having time to catch me and tell me, “Just stay in the class.” (I haven’t had to run to of the room yet!) I know that a lot of people will say this is all just mind over matter but I truly believe that miracles still happen, especially here at BYEG with all the amazing instructors we have. I thank God for bringing me to yoga and encouraging me to stay every time I come because it is truly a struggle to get here and to stay, even though I know how great I will feel afterward. I’ve learned in yoga its not how pretty, or whether or not you fall out of the poses; it is just like life, if you fall out, jump back in. Do your family and friends a favor by encouraging them to try hot yoga.
    Thanks for reading this,
    From just another Yogi!
  • Lorena Santos-Whitehead
    I love BYEG because it taught me that in order to love others, I have to love myself first. You have too like what's looking back at you in that mirror for 90 minutes. BYEG has given me such peace and happiness. I feel I can let go of my worries and focus on me. Thank you BYEG
  • Laura Boyer
    I love Byeg most days but some days not. Its a love hate thing. What keeps me coming back is our Carrie her staff all tbe friends I've made. It keeps m grounded in life and prepared to handle anything in life
  • Fatima Tanko
    The owner is passionate, the staff is knowledgeable and the People are fantastic!
    It's my home away from home :)
  • Gina Xu
    I love BYEG because I feel so alive when I walk in every time. I love the heat, the challenge, the owner, the teachers, the students, and everything in the studio. It is the little heaven on the earth for me. I feel so lucky to have discovered BYEG!
  • Thisbe Schramm
    I love BYEG because it's like coming home. You like to go because of the friendships you have made with the teachers or other students and these people make you feel nutured & cared for. You need to go because you are doing something positive for your physical & mental health. It's like home because some days you might be happy or sad, stressed or blessed, strong or weak. You share these feelings with others and they laugh along with you or give a hug when you need one. Thank you for being there, thank you for the kindness, generosity and patience. Most of all thank you for making me feel part of the BYEG family.
  • Sheila Mostaka-Shattuck
    I love BYEG because when I joined 2 years ago, I was taking 40mgs of steroids, along with a multitude of various RA drugs, which includes chemo. Today, I take 7mgs, of steroids and have lowered my doses by more than 1/2 on all others, even eliminated a couple from the list. and my labs are consistently better. My Dr. prescribes Bikram Yoga to all her patients now. She says I am a miracle....I tell her BYEG is the miracle. Thank you all for being there and being my friends!
  • Barbara Peyton
    I love BYEG because they care! The owner, the teachers, and the staff are always happy you came, not for your money, but for health! It is a friendly, caring and safe place to go to take care of yourself!
  • Karina Reidenbach
    I LOVE BYEG because it is the only place where I can let everything go and just breath, it is time for myself to relax and do something good for myself. Making the time to take care of yourself is so important & I always leave with a happy smiling face :) My yoga is always there for me no matter what and never lets me down!
  • Koren Wimberly
    I BYEG because no matter how many times I stop and restart, I am still welcomed with open arms and it feels like coming home.
  • Tiffany Marie Manlapid
    I love BYEG because... it provides me the 90 minutes away from the daily distractions and allows me to focus and remind me of what is most important to me, it teaches me to be patient, pushes me to challenge myself (on and off the mat, with my personal and professional relationships), my ability to share my passion with others (even if it is sharing various postures with those who may be intimidated by the *hot yoga hell that I love), the great yogis who encourage me in my practice and that I enjoy conversation with before/after class, and most of all the contagious positivity that the BYEG studio has waiting and welcoming any one and every one.
  • Care Vellutini
    I BYEG for so many reasons. No more migraines, tmj. I've had a loss of 20 l lbs, but more a non judgmental love and acceptance. I've never felt such friendship thru my bad day or best. What an incredible place Care has nurtured.
  • Hilary Bullard
    I love BYEG because every time I stand on my mat: I'm allowed to not be perfect, I'm allowed to make an attempt, I'm allowed to discover limits, and I'm allowed to succeed.
  • Sophia Roccucci
    I love BYEG because no matter what I always feel at home. I can come in with the weight of the world and walk out feeling centered again. I came in struggling after a Hugh weight loss and found a place that made me feel strong inside and out. It has never felt like a business but a place where I was amongst friends. Thank you So much. You have helped me in ways you and the other yogis will never know.
  • Hortensia Muniz
    I love BYEG because you can go from being "awkward" straight into soaring like an "eagle"....literally and figuratively
  • Lowella Perez
    BYEG is the only place that you can get your butt kicked and still come back for more butt kicking. AND, LOVE IT!!!